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Snackable Stats About Company Communication And Collaboration Today

Snackable Stats About Company Communication And Collaboration Today

At Twoodo we’ve read almost every white paper and report on team collaboration and workforce communication. All in all it’s probably taken us a hundred hours to go through all those documents. We wanted to start sharing the most interesting findings in the form of small infographics. Just to make it more digestable. So if you’re hungry for snackable stats about company communication and collaboration, you’ll love these…

The first stat that really stood out came out of a Holmes report and stated the enormous amount of loss that miscommunication can create.



We also found that the #1 reason why projects fail is due to bad communication.



So why is this happening? Well according to reports by softwareadvice.com many companies are using old inefficient ways to communicate.



which is scary when you consider how much time workers spend daily on communicating and collaborating.



Email takes a lot of heat. But let’s face it, email just wasn’t built for team collaboration and it wastes tons of time.



The way we see it, email is great for 1–1 communication but the world is changing. 1-many communication is becoming the norm and email just doesn’t cut it anymore.



And in come “social collaboration tools” which are build for teams and 1-many communication.



Our research then led us into the realm of the Future of Work. We were surprised to find that one of the biggest factors motivating employees to choose one job over another was “flexible work arrangement”.



And this also has benefits for companies as they spend less on office rentals.



But things can’t be all bright and beautiful for remote teams right? So what are their main obstacles?



The #1 answer was again communication and by digging a bit deeper we found what this communication problem was actually made of.


It’s been a few weeks since we’ve created these infographics.. so we thought we’d dive even deeper and bring some amazing new insights into the power of internal communication tools.


So can poor internal company communication hurt your business?


but wait, there’s more..