Future Of Work | Statistics And Trends

We thought you’d love these delicious statistics and trends on the future of work…

Horizontal hierarchy, flexible work arrangements, holacracy, social collaboration tools, access to information…if you’re interested in the future of work, these statistics and trends are for you.

So it all started when we read that according to a McKinsey Study on the Social Economy, social collaboration tools could increase employee productivity by 20-25%. We thought WOW that’s huge!!


After reading some more we found that this same study shows that access to a searchable store of social information can reduce the time spent on finding information by up to 35%. This basically meant that workers could gain back 6% of their workweek. How much is your time worth??


However for these benefits to take place (uh-oh here comes the disclaimer..) they require a change in management practices and organizational behavior management. Easier said than done. So we’ve decided to list some of these trends of the future of work here…and this list will grow with time.









Much more coming soon!!

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  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/syedirfanajmal/ Syed Irfan Ajmal

    Loved these statistics. Ever since ditching an internship in 2014 after getting a project from a guy via a discussion forum,. I have lived the internet life style and grown a business which helps me to do what I love and love what I do.
    The majority of my time in the past 10 years was spent convincing my family and local (Pakistani) social network as to why this internet life style is something to believe in.
    I do it even now. I just spent 10 minutes explaining to my dad why getting my inbound marketing articles published in business.com is great irrespective of whether I am being paid for it or not. The good thing is I succeeded in convincing him :)

    • David A.

      Great to hear your story Syed. I love the fact you hustled a job from a discussion forum. It’s extremely representative of the “internet life” you describe :)